Anyone who plans his or her vacations across UAE will never miss exploring the stunning beauty and breathtaking views of the Arabian. This is one of the reasons that tourists love to experience the tour of desert safari Dubai. Not only normal ones but celebrities also explore the Arabian deserts. But the main reason is this tour comes with a number of thrilling sand activities, entertaining shows. Besides, Refreshments, delicious dinner and photography opportunities.

Besides, the duration of this tour is 4,6 or 18 hours, which depends on the desire and comfort of travellers. Some experience to get the best pictures on the Arabian desert. Most people explore to enjoy dune bashing or other adventurous sand rides. Some experience to stay overnight. And Foodies only explore to enjoy the dinner and refreshments.

The majority of people explore to enjoy the Arabian or Bedouin culture and their lifestyle. However, that lifestyle lets them enjoy luxury and modernization. But the 6-hours tour is ideal to experience, where the best part is that the tour is provided at only 35 AED. Where international and local visitors get to enjoy the following facilities with high-quality services at the lavish Bedouin camp.

Desert Safari Dubai Amazing Package Inclusions to Experience

Last year, I visited Dubai on my business trip with the office colleges. Since Dubai is best known for its tourist’s attractions. We found the best tour operator “Happy Adventures Tourism LLC”. They offered the best desert safari, dhow cruise, Hatta tour and city tours. But the first tour we experienced was the Dubai desert safari tour. It comes the numerous services, however, it was up to us. Which services we would like to include or exclude. So we included the following services in our package in just 55 AED.

Pick and Drop Service via Bus:

It is expensive to travel by taxi or convince. Since we had to keep our budget we included the pickup and drop off service at the centralized location points in Dubai through the bus. Where the bus was shared and airconditioned. The driver was punctual and well mannered. Within 45 minutes we arrived at the desert safari camp location.

Dune Bashing:

We planned to explore this tour only because of dune bashing. So, we included dune bashing of 15-20 minutes. Which was really the most adventurous experience of my life. Besides, to ensure our safety the car was completely installed with safety features.

Camel Ride:

Camel ride was already included in our package. Where we got to explore two rounds around the Bedouin camp on the Camel. However, other people can include long camel rides at an extra cost.


Just like camel rides, sandboarding was also free for us. Where Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provided us skateboards and there was no limit to enjoy this activity.

Limitless Beverages and Refreshments:

We enjoyed access to free and unlimited Arabian coffee, tea, soft drinks and veg snacks. When we settled down in the Bedouin camp. Where the staff of Happy Tourism was nice and friendly and they provided us with a separate table with cushions.

Live Entertainment Shows:

After 20 minutes, the live performances on international artists was started to cherish the crowd at the Bedouin camp. Where 2 different belly dances, 2 LED Tanoura shows and 2 fire shows were performed.

Henna Designing and Arabic Dress Photography:

These two services were also included for free. Including short hand Henna tattoo and Arabic costume photography. However, the costumes were available for both ladies and gents. You can get amazing photos for social media by admire this service.

BBQ Buffet Dinner:

That buffet was super yummy, it came with the wide extensive veg and non-veg dishes. Where the setup of the veg buffet was arranged at the Bedouin camp. On the other side, people enjoyed non-veg items at the Live BBQ (outside the camp). Moreover, we enjoyed multiple desserts and a giant salad bar.