E-cigarettes have become popular nowadays. Some people choose these rather than traditional cigarettes. There are likewise many brands selling them as well. It is important to focus on creating attractive e-cigarette boxes so that they can stand out in front of the consumer base. There are some techniques that you can implement here if you want to achieve this aim.

The following explains these techniques to design your e-cigarette boxes so that they allure shoppers:

Get information on your consumer base

An effective technique to get the best packaging is to focus on your consumer base. You can make e-cigarette boxes attractive to those who want the product.

Only if you know who your customers are, you can design the boxes accordingly. Find out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of the consumer base if you want to design packaging according to their taste.

E-cigarettes may be brought by those in their late teens and by adults. The packaging will be serious and decent. Kids mustn’t get attracted to it and think it is something for them.

Choose good material

The e-cigarette packaging should be sturdy and made of the best material. You need to avoid material options that have chemicals in them which can spoil the product.

E-cigarettes can be put in boxes made from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These materials are all strong and will give you sturdy boxes. The e-cigarette will be able to reach consumers in a good condition when it is put in one of these boxes.

You will be giving a good image of your brand to customers showing them that you care about providing them with quality stuff.

Choose to be sustainable

If you want more people to be attracted to your product, choose to make “green” packaging. These are environmentally-friendly boxes. They will not stay in landfills or go into oceans and other water bodies.

Many environmentally-conscious consumers demand brands to create these types of boxes. The brand will be seen as a responsible and modern one as well.

Details to include on the packaging

You need to include information about the e-cigarette on e-cigarette boxes. This will help you market your product and let consumers know about it as well. Research on what the competition has included and on what consumers need to know about the product before they buy it.

The information should be added in an attractive, readable font. Its color should not get confused in the background as well.

You can for instance state what the product is, its quantity, whether it is disposable, etc. The product is a sensitive one so you will probably have to include a warning according to law. The warning will state that the product has nicotine which is addictive, if applicable.

If your e-cigarettes have any special features mention them as well as it will encourage people to want to try them out. Your brand may have some deals and discounts. If this is the case, it should be known.

Increase brand awareness

Use the e-cigarette box to increase brand awareness. This is important as it is necessary to let your brand be known in the market. If you can get it established, people will see it as a professional one.

You can cost-effectively advertise your brand and reach more people. Include a brand logo on the box which should be easily recognizable. The logo must be included on the packaging of all your products so that your customers can recognize them.

A brand should also make it easy for people to contact them if they want to. They may want to buy more products and if they do not know how to get a hold of you, they may choose another brand. This is why you must give your company’s physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, on the packaging.

Choose colors and images appropriately

Colors and images can enhance the look of e-cigarette packaging if you choose them carefully. It is a good idea to research color psychology if you want to know what different colors signify.

For example, black may be used on these boxes as it shows elegance and class. You can use colors that suggest strength. If you want to give the impression that your brand cares about the environment you can use colors like green and brown for instance.

If you decide to add images on the box do not include too many as the packaging will not look good. A brand may want to include a picture of the e-cigarette, if this is the case, make sure it is realistic. You should not hurt consumers’ expectations when they open the box.

Choose the right style box

There are different style boxes that you can get. Choose the one best suited to what you are selling. E-cigarettes may need to be viewed before they are brought as some consumers may want to see the device before they get it.

Make this easy for people instead of them opening the box and harming its packaging. Also, window boxes can be chosen here. These have a transparent window that lets one see the e-cigarette for themselves. People will be more confident in getting it when they have a look at it.

The above are some effective techniques that you can consider when wanting to design e-cigarette boxes. If you focus on the features of the product and what customers want from packaging, you can make boxes that are perfect for both. This is required if you want the packaging to succeed. Also, consider trends in the packaging of e-cigarettes if you want to get some ideas on what the competition is doing. You should follow trends whilst creating something unique.