As we know it is the very old comparison which is coming from decades, the question is the same f which car is better the new one and the old one.

For that answer need to check many things in many areas this is not a simple answer which could be decided on the basis of very few checking points.

The Honda is the very old and reliable brand but the comparison doesn’t consider any brand loyalty the facts are facts without facts the quality, reliability, appearance, and performance can’t be judge.

For the checking which one is best need to consider many points from the check but some core points are as follows for the decision.

1. More reliable

The new models are coming with the latest technology like hybrid, eco functions, fuel reliability and with dashing interiors as well but the body quality has been compromised a lot due to the fuel and speed efficiency which is big challenge for the industry as the speed with low body backup can be dangerous for the life.Where as the body of the old models of the Honda is very strong against the road hit, they are good in performance as well and normal in look as compare to the today’s model but they are good in life security on the road due to the heavy and thick metallic body which can resist the external damage pressure every easily.


2. No parts issue

As the new model’s arrival and distribution in over all country takes time so its parts need much

more time to be available in the market, which means high dependency on the technical side as

if parts not available so need to wait for the repair and waste of time in waiting it is the big draw

back for new arrival.Whereas for the old model’s parts are not the problem because they are

already in market and no issue and waiting for the repairing of any technical issue, that reason

leads to the old cars better than the new cars because due to part availability no dependency on

and time wasting in the waiting line.


3. Easy Availability of technical support

As the combination of mechanical and electrical faults need parts as the same time need experts who can fix it, for the new car all the available skilled labor always not ready to handle it because they need also time for the training and checking the setup of new car assembling and fixing.At other hand  for the old models this is not a big issue as the technical and mechanical skilled labor already know the things in the old cars so the repairing and maintaining is much easier with the old car and further on work with old cars no need any additional training about fixing and assembling, the all things are pre define and in knowledge.


4. Easy to sell

The new models reselling is not much faster than the old models as the users are not familiar with

their good and bad things, the new models always need time to check and test by the experts and

the expert’s opinion about the new models matter a lot, as they find those things which normal

user will find in months.

But for the old models many things are in knowledge of the market and general users so the selling

of old models is much easier and faster, as old models set a standard in the mind of public how should be they are in use, so the comparison with the standard in selling and purchasing play an important role that’s why it’s easy.


5. Better in quality

The quality has been shifted in a different area if we talk about the new models they are now more

focusing on the appearance and the performance so on those areas they are good in

the quality with no compromise even much better and reliable than the previous models which

they present to the market in the past.

The old model’s quality based on the body and material which they used inside the body means

theappearance and performance is little bit on the second priority but the body and inside

material on high priority, that’s why they are still alive and has good market reselling value

as well because of their extra ordinary quality.


6. Well aware with general issues

When we check about the used Honda car many from the general public know many things about the Honda cars issues and problem which means public has well awareness about the issues and problemso overcoming is easy, whereas new models need time to test and check to get the actual result aboutthe issues and problems with that.


7. Can be upgradable

The old models can also be easily upgradable with normal technical team as the market is well aware with the possible changes in that. so the demand of the old models is much better because withminimum investment you can change whole look and appearance of the car, where as in the new car orin new models it is not easily possible.


8. No need for heavy financing

For the new models purchasing and buying need heavy financing and loan from the banks against theheavy interest rate, which could be dangerous in the future for the users as it causes heavy burden ontheir shoulders on monthly basis.

At other hand, the used Honda cars are not much expensive in the market so it does not need big funds so the buying and purchasing is easy without burden with approximately same functions, so it is better to have an old one which you can drive and enjoy without any stress of payments.


Here in view of the above points we can say that used Honda cars in Japan is better than the new carsdue to its body quality, reliability, and stylish look which is quite attractive to the world’s buyers and cars lovers.