Planning a wedding involves a lot of work, effort, creativity and patience. Catering, florist, decoration, venue, ceremony, outfit, jewellery- the list goes on and on. It can get overwhelming at times when you are making plans. But having a simple checklist and a clear vision is going to help a lot in the long run. Especially when planning a wedding in London, you can keep certain factors in mind to make sure the execution is smooth and seamless. Read on to find out all about wedding planning tips and suggestions, when in London.

The London weather

The most crucial factor that can make or break your day is the London weather. Rainfall is nearly unpredictable in London. Once it rains, the weather is too cold and wet to commute. Hence, an outdoor wedding is not the best idea when in London. Even during summer, there is always a possibility of rain. The last thing you want is the entire venue looking black with umbrellas popping up here and there.

The proximity of the venue and residence

This is another crucial factor to consider. The London traffic is quite tricky and it gets congested very easily. Hence, commuting to the wedding venue can be difficult if it is too far from the bride or groom’s home. Look for wedding destinations closer to your home. If you are travelling to London from a different place, look for hotels closer to the venue. This would save a lot of hassles later on for you, friends and family and even the decorators, florists, cake artists and so on.

Shopping for dresses and jewellery

The shopping for the wedding day is bigger than anything else. Whether you are looking for the perfect ball-gown style wedding dress or women’s rose gold wedding rings– everything is available in London. It is very advantageous to host the wedding in this city as every amenity required for the big day is accessible here. However, you must have a clear vision of what you are looking for. Draw up lists and charts on stores before you start shopping to simplify the process and avoid confusion.

Expenses on catering

Among the most expensive things related to marriage, catering is the most important thing. Especially in London, the cost of hiring a good caterer can be rather high. Hence, you should shop around, and consult the different caterers about your requirement, menu and guests to find the most suitable option. It is wise to set aside a significant amount for catering more than anything else for a wedding in London.

Parking space

London is a rather congested city and it gets very difficult to find parking areas. When choosing the wedding venue, check whether they have enough parking space for all the guests. This would impact how smoothly the ceremony gets managed.

Decoration and florists

Last but not the least are the decorators and florists. London has many options for both services. But the key to finding the best is shopping around a bit and consulting those who have first-hand experience in planning a marriage in this city.

Planning the perfect wedding is all about patience, and man-management. Also, keeping in mind the specific quirks of the location helps. When in London, you can always enjoy certain advantages but you must not forget the drawbacks. This way, your wedding planning will be executed perfectly. If budget is a constraint, do check out Lab grown diamonds for your dream ring.