Are you a daredevil at heart, with a laundry list of adventures on your travel history? Maybe you are just looking for a peaceful getaway within Luzon? Or perhaps you are visiting a relative in your hometown? Whatever your reason is, Quirino Province has a place for you.

This “off-the-beaten” path in Northern Luzon makes for a breathtaking adventure you surely don’t wanna miss. Quirino Province offers an experience that will be memorable not only for you but your tastebuds too. Learning about locals, food, and culture is the best way to learn about a place after all. After a long, tiring day, you need to refill your energy anyway. So, here are some of the best restaurants you can try within the province.

We wanna try some local specialties!

Sure! Quirino province boasts of rich food culture. They have lots of native delicacies, such as the Tubikoy, a mix of three kakanin or rice cake, Adobong Tateg, an exotic spin on arguably the Philippines’ most famous dish, and of course, their famous Pancit Cabagan. There are lots of home-grown restaurants and family-owned eateries that serve this, but local tourists swear by MJ Snack & Pancit Cabagan Restaurant, which can be found at Nagtipunan.

What about dishes that feel a little more like home?

If it’s your first day in Quirino and you just want to be a little mellow, or if you have a sensitive stomach and can’t eat exotic dishes all that much, then you’re in luck. Quirino province also has lots of restaurants that serve traditional Filipino dishes, and one of them is at D’Fields Homestay, where tourists recommend their home-cooked dishes. They serve hearty meals that will surely remind you of your mom’s cooking.

Now I want some sweets.

Would you like an old-style, rustic bakeshop right at the heart of Quirino province? Then you would wanna drop by EKS Bakeshop and Restaurant, located at Nagtipunan. Tourists love the ambiance of this place – they say it’s perfect for a couples’ date! If you are traveling with your significant other, or if you’re in Quirino with your friends or family, then you surely wouldn’t wanna miss this spot! It represents everything Quirino province is – rugged, feels like home, and full of heart.


This underrated spot in Northern Luzon is known not just for its tourist attractions, but for its delicious native delicacies as well. Located at a spot in the Philippines that’s a little hard to navigate into, the journey may feel tough but the destination will prove worthwhile. After a long day of adventures, you can try all these restaurants that will fill your happy tummy.

Whether it’s their local dishes, like the Pancit Cabagan, hearty home-cooked meals, or items of confectionery, there are restaurants in Quirino province for anyone and everyone. You can tell about a place by its food. So, trying the best dishes they offer would be a great introduction to their history and culture. That’s like learning and making your tummy happy at the same time!