In academic writing, one of the essential parts of the degree is thesis writing.

It is essential to mention the problem by taking a position or making a claim on the problem’s solution. take Cheap Essay Writing with no effort. This is the first time students get familiar with the actual research work in their academic life. The lack of research skills makes it harder for some to write a good thesis. 

But, before that, you have to go through these three steps.

  • Selecting a topic: The first thing is to come with a topic on which you want to do your research. For this, a student needs to consult with the supervisor to make sure that the topic is easy to tackle or not. The data is available or not, and the review panel should approve it.


  • Writing a Proposal: Once the topic is approved, start writing the proposal that is the roadmap of your overall thesis. The proposal must include the title and objectives of the paper, the literature review, and the methodology through which you will find the results. 


  • Research Process:  Once the proposal is made and approved by the panel, proceed towards the critical step of the thesis writing. Start research that should be systematic and scientific. 


  • Thesis Writing: It’s time to start thesis writing. Here some points to follow the structure mentioned below.

Thesis Writing Structure:

The Abstract: The very first part of the thesis writing is the overview of the thesis. It is the summary of the long dissertation; it outlines the aim and outcomes of the research. A reader should be informed well in this part of the thesis. It should includes

  • The research problem and the objectives
  • The methods
  • The key results and arguments
  • The conclusion.

The word count of the abstract should be around 150-300 words.

       1. Introduction:

In this part of the thesis writing, clearly define the paper’s purpose and keep the focus on defining the what, how, and why in the introduction.  Make your introduction engaging that can grab the audience’s attention.

       2.The Literature Review:

Section contain a cite where the whole post give adequate information. The past researches support the current research and show how the recent research contributed to the field.

       3.Research Methodology:

This part helps to tell the readers what methods are being used to perform the research. Under this section, the things that need to be discussed are

  • The Research Questions
  • The Sample Size
  • The setting
  • Data collection
  • Data Analysis.


      4. The Conclusion:

Under this section, the research highlighted what has been found, which relevance to the field, and future where the research fix. It’s the part where the whole research comes to an end. That’s where the research should summarized.

     5. Bibliography: 

Here the specific format that should follow for the writing bibliography. Follow the format that the institution requires.

  • Editing and Proofreading:

Look for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Follow the proper guidelines given by the institutes. Take help of the online tools for the editing process. This way, the proofreading will go smoothly.


No matter if it’s a USA university or a UK university. The thesis writing is an important part. This way, a student ends the journey of their study period.