Cheap POS systems for restaurants have been introduced as a blessing to the increasing number of restaurants. These are being installed by the restaurant service providers as a way of offering more value to the customers. The POS devices are being used by restaurants across the world to give them an increased degree of control over their businesses. There are three types of cheap POS systems for restaurants – web based, desktop and integrated. Let’s see what each has to offer.


The cheap pos systems for restaurants that are web based offer many advantages. They are easy to use and have a great variety of add-ons that can be downloaded from the net. They give immediate access to all the functions and the latest information regarding prices and stocks at any point of time. But the biggest advantage is that these offer constant real-time sales reports, which can help the restaurants in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the menu items.

Variety of cheap POS systems:

There is a great variety of cheap POS systems for restaurants that are available in the online stores. There is the restaurant management system, which is a fully featured POS system that gives you ease of use and simplicity. It is easy-to-use restaurant software that gives the latest features. The best thing about it is that it uses cloud reporting which means that the reports are ready even before you open the store.

Desktop and integrated options:

The other two cheap POS systems for restaurants that you can find online are the desktop and integrated options. Both of them are easy to use and give the latest features. They give you real-time inventory reports, order monitoring, full service POS software and various other functions that help you manage your restaurant supply chain. You can purchase either of them as per your requirements.

Microsoft Windows-based or the Linux-based option:

Microsoft Windows-based or the Linux-based option is ideal for restaurants that use Microsoft Windows-based technology. The cheap POS systems for restaurants that run on Microsoft Windows-based technology offer many advantages over the Linux-based option. One of them is the ability to integrate the POS software with your CRM, accounting and other business applications. Another advantage is that you can use the Microsoft Windows-based system for high volume restaurants. Moreover, you can also use the Linux cloud reporting feature for recording all the data, irrespective of the system installed.

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Management of inventory:

Another feature is the restaurant point of sale system helps you in the management of your inventory. The best part is that you can record the daily sales report, orders, specials and discounts. This helps you improve your customer experience, which in turn results in increased loyalty and repeat business. The best part about this cheap POS systems for restaurants is that you can customize the desktop computer application according to the size and shape of your restaurant. It also features an internet access facility. Which enables you to update the system on a regular basis.

Customer loyalty program:

The POS sale systems auburn feature customer loyalty program. This allows the employees to store their favorite menu. When a customer pays for the meal. The employee gets a special reward, like a gift certificate or discounts on future purchases. This is a great way of maintaining the loyalty of your staff members. A staff member who purchases the favorite menu gets a loyalty card, which acts as a discount card.


The other advantage offered by the cheap POS systems for restaurants is inventory management and promotion of sales reports. The inventory management helps you in managing. The supply and demand of the items on hand. This enables you to determine the exact amount of stock available with you in your restaurant. You can also promote your new menu by distributing coupons to your regular customers. So that they purchase the new menu.