Everybody loves receiving flowers, be it young kids, men or women. We often tend to hesitate while thinking of gifting bouquets or flower bunch to men. But men are no exception. If you feel like sending your partner a bouquet of roses or sunflowers for showing gratitude and love you have for them, then go for it.

Flowers are said to be the best way to show affection and love to your better half. If your man couldn’t be able to manage time from his busy schedule, then sending him a bunch of flowers can make him wonder how grateful they are to have you around. Men enjoy receiving flowers, but they are kind of choosy when it comes to colour and fragrance. For special kinds of occasions like valentine’s day, a bunch of roses work best because it resonates intensity and honesty you have towards him. Men generally prefer deep blue orchids and pastels when it comes to choosing flowers. Blue represents depth and intensity, so gifting a bouquet of blue orchids can make him smile.


Here are some stunning beautiful flowers that you can choose for your man. Most men are crazy about fragrance like it’s a common thing; everyone like to smell good, and who wouldn’t like sweetly scented flowers. So choose your man’s favourite kind and hand over him a bouquet to show the right amount of affection you have for him. You can now send flowers to Gurgaon at affordable prices.



Roses are always the best option for anyone. Men love roses, and the meaning associated with roses makes them even more beautiful. Roses are an example of intensity and love, so if you find it tricky to choose the perfect kind of flowers bouquet for your partner, then a bouquet of luxurious red roses is the best idea. Men are considered to be somewhat obsessed with roses, similar to women. But we often hesitate to offer flowers when it comes to men.



Although it may seem that flowers are traditionally meant to send only for women, surprising men with flowers is also quite thoughtful. If you are looking for the kind of flower that gives a gender-neutral look, blue orchids are best. Blue orchids are mostly preferred by men because of their clean, vibrant colour that matches their personalities. Orchids are also easy to maintain and are long-lasting species of flower. So if your man is someone who finds it difficult to keep flowers, then orchids are the best idea as they can be placed in a vase with water and it will last for a long time. Send orchids online to your loved ones now at much affordable prices.



Flowers make an amazing gift for a variety of occasions. Unlike women, men are particular about the kind of flowers they prefer. Most men prefer flowers that have some hidden attributes, and one such flower is the sunflower. Sunflowers are perfect for man, and yellow symbolizes brightness and innocence. Hence sunflowers are the best choice if you want to surprise your man. Be it his birthday or anniversary, a bouquet of sunflowers are the best way to win your man heart.



Carnations are the perfect gift for a man. A bouquet of carnations is an ideal pick if you find it tricky to gift a perfect flower bouquet to your man. Different colour of carnations symbolizes different meanings and emotions. Choose a colour that best suits the receiver personality if you want to surprise him. Carnations are also said to symbolize love, care and emotions.



It is often said that if you want to express your feelings for someone, tulips are always the best option. For a man, a beautifully decorated bouquet of tulip is always the best idea if you are thinking of surprising him on their special days. Tulips are available in different shades and colours. So for a man, colour and fragrance matter when you choose flowers for them. 



Flowers are said to be the magical things that boost the human spirit and are kind of showing affection to loved ones. Jasmine is the kind of flower that is known as an energy booster and for relieving stress and tension. So it’s a perfect kind of flower for a man because the man used to be mostly busy with workloads. Sending a bouquet of jasmine for man is always meaningful. The jasmines are also said to reduce the risk of heart diseases and are regarded as the finest mood-lifting and relaxing flower. 



Lavender flowers are always a great gift choice for any occasion. For a man, a good fragrance flower always weighs more than the normal kind of flower. Lavenders are famous for their mind-blowing scent, and it can be preserved for longer times. Lavender also acts as a good piece of decor. Even if it is dried, it can still add as a piece of decor in your home corner. So if you are planning to gift your lover a beautiful decor piece, then gift him lavenders arranged beautifully. It will surely make him smile.


Flowers are regarded as the greatest method to express happiness and love for someone, and it has the quality to lift anyone’s mood.