Lipstick boxes – Yael Shelbia is among the most beautiful women in the world. She is an Israeli fashion actress and model and takes part in various international fashion campaigns. In 2018, TC Candler rated her as the 3rd most gorgeous face woman in the world.

Later on, she was listed 2nd in 2019. She has a huge fan base, and her fans are dying to know how she remains so confident and beautiful all the time. Is it because of the fact that she cares about a makeup kit like lipstick boxes with her all the time? And what is her makeup routine? Find your answers by reading her following routine.

Prep The Skin:

The first step before putting makeup on your skin is the preparation of the skin. Yael moisturizes her face and cleans it before applying makeup products especially lipstick boxes. For this purpose, she utilizes moisturizers and water. Without preparing the skin, an enhanced glow and remarkable finish cannot be achieved for the face. Not preparing the skin will make your foundations and makeup layers heavier. That is why Yael always considers proper preparation before utilizing makeup items.

Highlight Contour:

Cream formula, powder, liquid, and gel contour come in various forms. Yael utilizes a focus brush to keep the dimensions of her face elegant. Contour is probably that single thing that makes her photos look gorgeous and amazing. She also applies a highlighter to keep her face glowing even when the sun is touching it. It is resistant to sweating and keeps the face fresh all the time.

Applying Setting Powder:

Yael takes a velvet puff for setting the powder on her face. It is also helpful in removing any excess just by swiping the brush. Make sure to take a look at the complexion balance before you are setting the powder. She does not move her makeup while powdering her face; otherwise, it will create a mess. She focuses on the areas that need simple touches. She mostly utilizes it on her T-zone area to make her face shiny. It is a perfect solution to stay away from dust particles.

Foundation and Concealer:

Foundation is quite helpful in making the complexion even and representing a smooth image of the face. Yael has her foundation in powder, gel, and liquid forms. She takes care of her coverage levels and applies them carefully. It is the best solution to hide freckles because it also comes in a light coverage format. Retail packaging is thicker in consistency and can cover the full face easily with a dense makeup layer. You can also search for the perfect formula according to your skin type on different makeup websites.

Lipstick Boxes Wholesale
Yael Shlebia’s Blushing Look

Blush and Bronzer:

In selecting a bronzer, make sure to consider your face tone. Do not get it in a darker format than your actual complexion. Once Yael selects her bronzer, she utilizes it on her cheekbones and hairline. She also puts it on her jawline. She draws it by using blush and makes it like a digit 3 for accurate results. This blush is resistant to dust which keeps Yael fresh looking and sun-kissed all the time. She also sweeps motions for a remarkable finish.

Lip Products:

It is considered that Yael buy lipstick boxes online with products inside them as many online brands know her personally. First, she applies primer on lips; then she picks up the lip pencil. From this pencil, she creates a shape for her beautiful lips, which also prevents bleeding of the lips in many cases.

From this pencil, she applies contour to her mouth to create a perfect line that looks gentle. She has a huge collection of lipsticks in her custom printed lipstick boxes. She utilizes different colors according to her outfit design and color. In the end, she applies lip gloss to make her lips glow and clean.

Eye Makeup:

During the makeup for eyes, Yael utilizes eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and eyebrow gel. She applies eyeshadow which is a powder that can enhance eyelids and make them clean and perfect. You can find this powder in various colors according to your matching outfit. From eyeliner, she defines her eyes and glorifies their shapes. She has a fine collection of eyeliners, just like her lipstick packaging for lipstick collection. Then she applied mascara to enhance her eyelashes. Fuller, darker, thicker, and longer, mascara can turn your eyes beautiful in several ways.

Lipstick Primers:

After the preparation of the skin, you can utilize premier to hold on to your makeup items. Yael always applies premier on her face before any other beauty product that she receives with custom lipstick boxes. Primer moisture and soften the skin, and you do not have to utilize a toner after that. It can also enhance the makeup and make it fresh even after a long duration.

It makes it easier to apply further makeup techniques. It allows the skin to not look dull and helps your makeup lines in aligning perfectly. Not just Yael Shelbia, almost every actress and fashion model is following basic knowledge of makeup routines to look glowing all the time.

Yael’s makeup routine is the reason why she is chosen to play a lead part in Kylie Jenner’s skincare ranges. However, she also carries lipstick boxes in her bags to make sure that she never misses an opportunity to look beautiful in the spotlight.

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