The basic purpose of vaccination was underway before the spreading of the Delta variant. Vaccines of Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and

PfizerBioNTech was doing a great job but this virus of severe infections started its effects. With the new virus in town, vaccines are working properly

to prevent sickness and infections from the ongoing virus. Many have been luckily saved due to the vaccination. But it highly depends on the

human body and vaccines also.110 million people have undergone full vaccination in the United States of America. CDC reported the number

of vaccinated people. But the dangerous part is almost 5000 patients have been easily hospitalized or have died although they had been fully

or partially vaccinated.CDC told us that the infections of Covid-19 and delta variants can also occur to the vaccinated people and can provide them with severe illness and infections.

The infections breaking through are not common:

Dr. Sanghavi said that these breakthrough infections of Covid-19 are not common. So he told the patients to get vaccinated as soon as possible. No

one is now against vaccination. He further said that the infections which are breaking through the vaccination are few in numbers but this is

quite heartbreaking to see this kind of situation.”

The mildness of breakthrough infections

Many of the people who got vaccinated had antibodies and a strong immunity system, therefore they survived the delta variant. Meanwhile, the

weaker ones fell to the virus and faced severe infections and even death too. Asymptomatic patients are about 25 to 30 percent in number. Few of

the patients numbering from 50 to 60 percent had symptoms but were mild and did not require hospitalization. 90 percent of the patients would

feel mild infections and 10 percent would feel severe infections requiring hospitals to treat them.  Among these numbers, almost 1 to 2 percent

of patients die due to infection. The vaccine is playing its role by controlling the current delta virus from making you sick or weak. The vaccine is

doing its job to protect people with weak immune systems.

Nothing is new in these breakthrough infections:

Since the pandemic came, the medical treatments around the world not related to Covid-19 have decreased. Since the patients

requiring surgery getting infected with covid 19 due to weak immune systems. Moreover, the supply and demand of hospital safety gears like

surgical instruments, protective gowns, protective coveralls, surgical masks, surgical suits. and many more have decreased. Moreover, the

instrumentsutilized for covid-19 treatment are the basis of requirements all the time.

The vaccine doesn’t mean perfect protection

Many patients who are fully vaccinated and are still getting sick due to delta variants don’t mean they have weak immune systems. But the

vaccines are not working 100% effectively. The Effectiveness of these vaccines prepared is up to 94 to 95%. Varying in different vaccines

of different manufacturers.

Results of the vaccine depend on the Person

With the power and effectiveness of vaccines, we should be considering the characteristics of the patients too. Many patients have weak

immune systems due to organ transplantation or surgeries. Elders having been completely vaccinated are still open to covid-19 and its effects due

to weak immune systems and surgeries or operations.

Delta variant leading from the Front

The new virus Delta variant of Covid-19 is powerful in itself and affects any person. No vaccine has been able to stop the delta variant. As a result,

the variant virus is affecting millions of people around the globe especially the U.S, the U.K, and many other countries. The strength of the Delta

variant is 3 to 4 times much stronger as compared to Covid-19. The antibody reacting against the Covid-19 virus is not as strong to compete with

the delta variant virus. The most important challenge since the start of the pandemic is to control the virus. But the virus is changing its form

adapting to new conditions and infections. The population that is normal to dirt and pollution and is also used to poor food quality items is less affected

by the virus since the antibodies are quite strong. Moreover, the 3 vaccines listed above are working against the delta variant as much as possible.

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 possible

Since the situation is quite clear to everyone now: Getting vaccinated is directly proportional to safety against viruses. The level of protection

is different. And the unvaccinated people are still playing with their own lives and their loved ones also.

Get yourself tested if suspected

Many patients are delaying testing for colds due to personal beliefs and personal treatment. Many have ignored the fact of getting Covid-19 to

them. Moreover, many are under quarantine inside their houses if suspected. Since the hospitals are busy with full packing of patients.The

patients inside the hospitals having surgeries and operations are the most obvious target of Covid-19 and its delta variant. Take proper care from the

doctor: The symptoms of covid-19 are cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell, and taste for a week or so. And fever also. Which results in sickness.The

people having these symptoms should not take these symptoms lightly as these are the major symptoms of Covid-19. Moreover, the delta variant is not

even sparing patients with weak immune systems. Only giving 2-3 days as a chance to treat it or to avoid any further infections. Failing to do so will

result in the death of patients. Many people are avoiding spreading the news of covid-19. Although safety precautions must be precisely taken

on symptoms of covid-19. Experts in the field must be usually contacted for proper guidance to treat the virus. An oximeter is also in demand due to

checking of oxygen level inside the human. Pulse rate declines during covid-19 and oxygen level also decline which is severe in few cases requiring the

use of oxygen cylinders.


We have seen drastic situations in America, India, and Italy. Millions of people lost their lives due to a shortage of oxygen. Many patients got lucky

to have space inside the hospitals and managed to defeat the virus with the help of medical care. But millions in India suffered a lot due to a shortage

of beds in hospitals and no supply of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals for extra patients. Vaccines are a major part of the defense against Covid-

19. Since some part of each vaccine protects your body from the virus. Whether it be 50 percent, 70 percent, or 90 percent. The vaccine works

fine. Moreover, other vaccines like Sino-vac, etc are also working in other parts of the world. The preparation of booster vaccines is also

under execution. The booster vaccine requires only a single dose to treat the person. Moreover, the Pfizer organization is trying its level best

to authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as early as possible. Many people in San Francisco and medical employees are in great need of

proper vaccination to treat other patients. The situation in the United States of America is also not in good shape since the effect of the Delta

variant. Researchers are doing their level best to achieve a vaccine suitable to treat the Delta variant. Asia is also facing severe situations due to

the Covid19 Delta Variant. If you liked this post, then do follow more related to covid-19 and its delta variant. More posts will be on the platform soon

on vaccines and their authorization.