How to Use Vpn for Fast Proxy Overview: Before getting into the definition we should get to know what is the full form of VPN, so basically, VPN stands for (Virtual private network ).

Virtual –  because the creation of VPN is digital.

private- because it hides your IP address and provides end-to-end encryption to your data.

Network- because it provides a connection between you and the best VPN service provider.

So, How to Use Vpn for Fast Proxy?

As the name suggests, It is a platform or a source that provides you online privacy and anonymity from outsiders, hackers, any government agencies, private agencies, stalkers, or anyone who wants to steal or get your information from here.

It provides you with secure and private network connections as well as protects your data by hiding your IP address which makes your actions untraceable.

Best VPN Service Providers

Below is the list of some of the best VPN service providers that offer great services and smart features to their users. Check out now!

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN has gained immense popularity in the VPN industry and its company is based in the Netherlands. This VPN is compatible with almost every device such as macOS, Windows, Android, etc. Also, it provides great features, services, and customer support to its users. You can easily get these VPN services at the Surfshark VPN coupon code.

Hola VPN

Hola VPN is also the other best VPN services provider that too comes with many servers option and amazing features. This VPN offers free service as well but to get its paid subscription at an affordable price you can use this Hola VPN promo code. This VPN can unlock many geo-restricted contents and streaming sites easily.

What Is The Main Reason For Using VPN?

Let’s get into deep, so how does VPN provide privacy? let us suppose if you are using a public WI-FI and you are checking your details, bank details or your emails, your documents, etc so in this situation, the stalker can access your data.

VPN also provides safety for your browsing history. Let’s take another example if you searched something on the internet like if you want to take admission in any university or institution or you are searching for some medical information for yourself, and suddenly you may see targeted advertisements on your device. This happens in the absence of a VPN.

So it became important for us to know the important features of a VPN  before buying let’s get started …

Features Of A Good VPN Must Have


In the presence of this feature, if your VPN stops working, then no one can have the power to access your IP address and other sensitive information as well. And especially if your VPN connection drops out it automatically disconnects your PC, Laptop, phone, or tablet.

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So before buying it, we should keep in mind that not all VPN services offer a kill switch, some provide it to the client through the feature embedded in the client’s software.


What is a VPN no-logging policy? In this policy when you are connected to any servers, the VPN service provider won’t share your information. This  VPN feature is called a “zero-log” or “no-logging” policy.

So before buying a VPN look into this feature Because in this situation most VPN companies are lying to us. and don’t get fooled by seeing product hype in the market.


To enable restricted sites and services by using your DNS, use smart DNS. It is a good VPN feature. For using smart DNS for VPN in your device .you need to whitelist your IP address without a VPN connection.

SmartDNS provides bypass (geoblocking )without sacrificing the speed loss of a VPN connection. while buying VPN keep in mind this, to check the package you are buying consists of both VPN and Smart DNS is an essential feature.

Because most of the devices don’t allow the installation of VPN.So in this case smart DNS is the best available option to us.


While selecting which VPN suits you we try to get to know the VPN you are using keeps its app up-to-date or not? So how we get to know this, because it is a time-consuming process and a lot of technicals and software engineers are involved in it so we can only estimate how the particular app update cycle is .you can get to know about this, visit the app store and check when the app was last updated. Then it is not good for you.


Because you don’t know when problems occur and you need help. For getting rid of this problem you can check how their live chat customer services are. Is it available for 24*7 or not? as you can’t wait 24 hours for just a query and you can also check how their email support, call support are.

Now we are well aware of the basic features of VPN, So we can conclude is it good for us or bad?

So basically VPN provides the facility to protect IP addresses for privacy purposes and it hides your browsing history, your IP address, and location and makes your web search anonymous. It protects your laptop, pc, tablet from prying eyes and hackers.