Your home should be your safe haven, where you can rest, relax your guard, and not panic. However, this security level does not come automatically. You need to do some things to improve your safety plan to ensure that your home is still your safe place. Even though no home or apartment is 100% safe from attacks, there are many things you can do to promote safety and prevent many criminals.

After talking with experts, we have compiled a list of steps you can take to achieve family safety status;

1. Make sure windows on the floor are added or have another safety feature

According to statistics, 27% of attackers have windows as their entrance. This makes windows the most vulnerable part of the house. A window on the first floor requires something more than just one glass to make it stronger. This reinforcement can be done. Protection, such as breaking the physical barrier with a mirror, or by warning homeowners when someone approaches a window.

“Other support may include:

  • Install solid glass plates, such as polycarbonate plates that cannot be cut quickly;
  • Install protection on the outside of the window;
  • Place a motion trigger light on the top of the window;
  • Put an alarm on the window, which will sound when someone approaches or opens the window.”

2. Enhance the door lock

Improving the level of safety of every family, technological advances have helped tremendously. One of them is to promote door locks to eliminate potential hazards.

Nowadays, there are many new features of indoor locks, such as smart locks that can be accessed with your finger. In addition, this smart lock also has a built-in camera that can be checked on mobile phones. It will also warn you, Remind you of attackers who may be trying to break in. 

3. Motion installed lights

Install ambient lighting around your home, especially near the entrance. Increase lighting and motion detectors at the entrance, especially in the dark side of your home, before visitors can reach your door and windows light it. If you live indoors, ask the landlord to install full lighting in the hallway to reduce black spots. 

4. Use a solid external door

The outside door must be at least 1.5 inches long and be made of solid metal or solid wood. The door should be made of solid material, If it is placed on a weak door, even the most effective locks will not be able to stop the stubborn thieves. Peepholes or wide-angle viewers “The door is safer than the gateway in terms of identifying visitors.

The idea is not to attract thieves or attackers. When you leave or arrive at your home, be vigilant (knowing the situation). Make your home as friendly to criminals as possible books that are big, so make them want to move on. Harland Adkins says: These are some of the things you can do without spending big money.

5. Eliminate hidden areas outside the home

Keep it outside your house so that heavy trees can cut down the overgrown branches. You don’t want windows or entrances to be covered so that criminals can hide in them.

6. Add light

Use a bright evening light and/or LED light to illuminate the outside of your home. Improve the front door. Turn off the lights (or lights) n ‘ room and check the timer.

7. Use a door lock

Put a lock on the side door that leads to the back of your house. Let the criminal work so he can get to where he likes to do his job.

8. Restrict home vision

“Close your eyes (or the curtain). You don’t need to tell criminals where the ground is and if there is anything fun to steal.

9. Strengthen your doors

While most burglaries occur during the day, it seems that thieves appear at any time of the day or night (although it is more common night raids are common). Cut wooden dowels to attach them to slippery windows and sliding doors.

Remove the cord and connector at the door where the car is parked at the top so that the lock device is not pulled off and loosened. It is possible to add a cheap anti-lock device to the weak door, but it is used when you are at home. 

10. Keep the dog

I do not recommend keeping a dog, but if you are thinking about keeping a dog, please get it at a pet store for a good reason. Presence dogs can deter thieves or intruders.

Know very well that if a criminal is determined that the reward is worth his time and effort, there is no way to stop it. By strengthening your home, you can get enough time for the police to come (or leave).

11. Safety systems and guns

For other things, you may want to consider, but they cost a lot of money: home security systems and services from @AmericanForeverSecurity, security camera systems, and guns. Lastly, if you have limited (or no) experience with guns, please join in the safety in the shooting course often shooting area.

Also, please remember that a gun is only the beginning of your spending, its value will rise quickly (ammunition, security, cleaning equipment, cleaning/force, first aid kits, guns and/or gun boxes, the list goes on Knowledge includes (physical, mental, and financial) owning a gun.

Everyone who owns a gun knows his great responsibility. Unless you are convinced that you will carry this responsibility, it is best to consider a safe house (the steel door of the master’s house is well guarded and center and lock, as well as some types of anti-lock devices. 

12. Invest in a good home security system

This is one of the best ways to protect a home that can be damaged. The security camera has a sensor that detects movement and lets you know when someone has entered your space. Depending on the company you choose, they may even have the power to stay awake in your name compulsion.