When it comes to selling books without a publisher, there are seven broad stages to follow. While the specifics of each stage are hotly discussed and continuously changing as indie authors come up with new ways to interact with readers, the fundamental steps an indie author must follow to sell books remain the same.

Here is the method to get a book published without a publisher by ghostwriting.

Develop a Readership:

Finding readers is the first step in selling books. Consider your work as a way to buy a reader’s most valuable commodity: their time. Services like Book Funnel, MailChimp, and Instafreebie exist to help authors connect with readers more easily.

Connect with your readers regularly:

Creating a list of potential readers is only the first step towards building a loyal fan base for your book. If you publish one or two books per year, you must ensure that your reader base does not forget you. Other authors rely significantly on periodic newsletters to keep readers informed about their projects.

Write a Book:

The most difficult aspect of marketing books isn’t writing or publishing them – it’s gaining the audience’s attention. It is a time-consuming and difficult process, which is why you should begin it before you complete writing your book. You will be too late if you wait until your book is finish and cultivate your readership.

Complete Your Book:

Writing a manuscript is a huge accomplishment, but it’s simply the first step toward completing a book. The following step is editing. You can enlist the support of friends and family, but if you have money to invest in your career, editing is a good place to start.

A cover and a blurb are only two of the many other elements you’ll need for your book. While you can accomplish these finishing touches on your own, like editing, you may want to consider hiring specialists to assist you.

We say not to judge a book by its cover, but we do just that. It’s doubtful that you’ll sell any books if you have a terrible cover that doesn’t match the genre of your book. This is the reason why enlisting the assistance of a professional can be quite beneficial.

Select Your Channels of Distribution:

After you’ve finished writing your book, you’ll need to decide on how to distribute it. The venues where your book will be distribut are known as distribution channels. At the moment, most authors are torn between going “exclusive” to Amazon or going “wide.”

Amazon is by far the most popular channel. Go to KDP to publish your book on Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing). You can make an ebook for Kindles and a paperback book that will be sold on Amazon.

Amazon has a program called Kindle Unlimited that incentivizes authors only to sell their books on Amazon. If a KU reader chooses to read your book, you will compensate per page read. This offer is only valid if your book is exclusively available on Amazon.

Let Your Reader Know and Market Your Book:

There are tons of sites that carry their own lists of readers you can pay to advertise your book. On sites like Amazon or Facebook, you can invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) adverts. You might need to consider hiring an expert to assist you here as well.