The columns in the foundation of a two- or three-story home are essential for its stability. Structures above them are held up by them, and their weight is transmitted to the foundation. Sometimes, the architect designing the home can hide those columns in the walls, but other times, for some kinds of home layouts, they should place those columns in the middle of the room.

It can be annoying to have a column in the living room, as it can restrict your spaces and block them. However, as we already said, this column is important for the structure of the building, so you cannot remove it because it will endanger the whole house.

In other words, instead of removing your column, you can decorate the boring-looking column so that it looks beautiful and makes your living room more attractive. Additionally, you can use it for some additional functions to add flexibility to your space

How To Decorate Pillars In Living Room

You can cover the entire column in wood or wrap your pillars in wood boxes.hole Pillar With Wood Material

People used wood materials to make their walls more attractive by using them in their walls. Shiny wood makes your room look luxurious and well decorated. When you cover your whole pillar with wood material, you get some natural vibes and an artistic appearance. 

You should use wood materials in your room if you feel that it lacks a natural feel. You can wrap your pillars in wood boxes or cover the entire column with a wood design. 

There are many ways to decorate your pillars with wood, and you just need a creative mind to make the best changes possible in your room. You will be pleased with the results. Covering your pillar with wood design will create some freshness and appeal to your room and conceal its awkward appearance.

1. Using Wall Art or Wall Frame

A pillar in the living room can be easily decorated with this simple and effective method. You can use any wall decor art or item to decorate a column. The result will be a more attractive column.

You can add wall decor items to all sides of your rectangular pillar to create a more beautiful look. Make sure to measure the weight of your column before you purchase wall art so that you will get the right size.

Many wall decor items are available; choose the one that best suits your outfit. 

A digital frame is also a great option for wall decor, since it is more convenient. Changing the picture is easy.

2- Use Lights Around The Pillar

It is very popular for luxurious decoration, and it gives the room a whole new look. There are several ways to illuminate pillars. In the first place, you can install LED lights above the Column, as shown in the picture, that spread patterns of light over the whole Pillar.

Nevertheless, I know that installing the light on top is a pretty tricky task. Installing the lights on the bottom is another option. A beautiful pattern will also be created when the lights are installed on the bottom.

A third option is pretty straightforward and exciting; you can wrap fairy lights around your Pillar in an exact pattern. Not only will this look beautiful, it will also have a Christmas feeling.

3. Use Pillar With Wall Mirror

Mirrors can also be used as decorations on your living room pillars. By covering the whole Pillar with a mirror, you will not only decorate the pillar, but you will also gain many benefits.

A mirror will reflect all the natural light in your room, so it will feel brighter and larger. This will prevent you from forgetting your hairstyle when you go outside.

It is possible to hang some best small mirror designs on your pillar if covering the whole pillar with a mirror is difficult for you. This is the most convenient and budget-friendly way.

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