The Crest Whitestrips UK  is the most popular white stripe brand for teeth whitening. These strips are very similar to other strips that whiten teeth. They are thin, usually transparent, and made of a plastic called polyethylene. On one side of each strip is a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. These strips are flexible, fit the shape of the teeth and hold the bleaching gel in place.

How does the Crest Whitestrips work?

The white strip uses polyvinylpyrrolidone to attach the strips to the teeth and keep them in place. The Environmental Working Group in the UK considers crest Whitestrips a safe adhesive that does not alter the bioaccumulation of hormones.

The whitening strip also contains a carbomer to give the gel more power. This ingredient is safe in small amounts used for the strip, but such adhesives can cause gum irritation in the event of overexposure. Hydrogen peroxide is efficient in removing dirt from the surface of the teeth and can also reduce the yellow appearance of dentin. Unfortunately, hydrogen peroxide can also harm your health. Your oral microflora consists of bacteria, which are very beneficial to your oral cavity and general health, and hydrogen peroxide kills the beneficial bacteria.

Do crest Whitestrips have side effects?

There is always a risk of damaging your teeth and gums during whitening treatment, and the Crest Whitestrips is no exception.

  • It causes damage to the gum.

Crest Whitestrips UK is a banned product due to the amount of hydrogen peroxide in the ingredients. Excessive use of these products can cause teeth hypersensitivity and gum damage. Hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and PVP can cause damage, all of which are components of these strips.

  • There may be non-uniform whitening.

Bleach strips only brighten the surface of the teeth to which they are attached. It can be difficult to ensure complete coverage with a flat strip, especially on hard-to-reach surfaces between teeth.

Also, it can be difficult to completely cover the contours where the teeth meet the gums without damaging the gums. As a result, the center may be white, and the edges may be yellow or grey.

  • It causes changes in oral bacterial flora.

Hydrogen peroxide, which is the main crest Whitestrips ingredient kills bacteria. It may sound good, but there are a lot of bacteria in our mouths that we need to stay healthy.

  • Is Crest Whitestrips legal in the UK?

It is illegal to sell Crest White Strips in the UK due to the amount of hydrogen peroxide contained in the ingredients. However, you can find products for sale by searching online. You can find most crest whitening strip products on various online vendors.


Crest Whitestrips work best in whitening greyed or colored teeth. They provide a relatively easy way to brighten your teeth from home just, the same way as in a professional office. Crest Whitestrips UK is not found in stores but can be purchased online from various suppliers. Not only that, the use of these strips and other types carries the risk of enamel and dentin damage, increased dental hypersensitivity, and even pain.