Do you know why most women feel uncomfortable with underwear? As a matter of fact, underwear is for the comfort and flattering feel. Your investment is going to drown if you still feel itchy or uncomfortable after wearing the classic pieces. reveals the common mistakes women make while buying or wearing the underwear. First of all, it recommends the girls to include ounass voucher code in all the shopping events. Buy things for wardrobe upgrade with this voucher code. Let’s see how women make the underwear uncomfortable and itchy.

Wearing Non-Cotton Underwear:

Girls might believe that material doesn’t matter. Remember, it does. Underwear material is one of the main factors to notice while you purchase bras and panties from any store. Different materials have varying level of features such as smoothness, breathability and more. Some underwear products may cause germ growth such as bacterial and fungal infections around the vaginal area. This is why cotton underwear is the most suitable option for everyone.

Sleeping in Underwear:

Usually, we have a concept of sleeping in underwear. This is not good. Sleeping in underwear allows the body to breathe but limits the options for vaginal area. In this way, the vaginal area remains tightly packed with no hope of receiving fresh air. This is a leading cause of infections such as bacterial and yeast vaginosis.

Invest in the high quality cotton underwear with the help of ounass voucher code but don’t forget to remove them while you go to bed. Instead, girls can choose other underwear types appropriate for sleeping. For example, a night dress is true option for bed. Bring the best night dresses because these ensure more aeration in the vaginal area while offering an intimate look.

Wearing Thongs in Regular Life:

No doubt, thongs are among the top sexy underwear but most experts don’t recommend these pieces. We know that it is hard for the young women to quit the idea of wearing thongs. They have to think about the skin and health. Thongs are not good for the skin especially for vagina and anus.

It is said that wearing thongs for longer results in certain infections as these transfer the anal germs to vaginal area. Wear the thongs on special moments and events only. Limit the use of thongs in regular life. Prefer the cotton thongs if you don’t want to see the panty issues.

Not Wearing Underwear:

This is also an issue. Skipping the underwear from your dressing routine may cause different issues. Chaffing is one of the main skin issues women face when they don’t put underwear under the pants. Therefore, it is necessary to wear underwear.

Using Wrong Fit:

Carefully choose the panty and bra sizes. Wearing wrong sizes is a big problem. It not only disturbs the users but also leads to negative consequences such as infections and rashes. Get an ounass voucher code to avoid these mistakes. Invest in the best quality and perfect underwear pieces for a healthy, comfortable and glamorous life.

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